First steps towards the end of a journey

So. In the beginning of January 2009, I started writing what I thought would be a novella. It’s now nearing the end of 2010, and that novella has become nearly novel length. I’ve been stuck for a long time around 2/3rds of the way done, and I haven’t been able to push past. I tried to ask some friends for advice, and the best I got was to stop revising and editing–which I had been repeatedly doing to the earlier parts every time I got stuck–and just finish the damn thing.

So here I am, finishing the damn thing. My goal is to finish it before 2010 is up. That’s one month. Doable? I think so, as long as I don’t get tangled up in my own insecurities.

The hard part will be resisting my need to make things “good” before I can move on.

This blog, hopefully, will be a place I can track my progress, vent, and think about some points out loud. It has the potential to be another distraction, but I’m hoping not.

I’m actually really excited to do this. I hope I can do this. If I can finish The Red Box, it will be the second novel I’ve finished–the first with any seriousness, as the previous one was a NaNoWriMo effort that I wrapped up thoughtlessly just to make the wordcount.

And then who knows what 2011 will bring?

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