Another 1000 words, more feeling of progress, more confidence.  I hope this can last all month.  Oh man!  I feel like I am getting really close.

I’m waffling about a planned plot point–one I had in mind since the early drafts, but may not be necessary any more–I don’t know.  I’ll finish up the scene I’m currently writing–a spur of the moment twist that’s working out really well–and then see how I feel.

I was also talking with a friend about double or multiple climaxes (in a story, you gutter-minded folk!) and whether or not they make a story turn out anticlimactic.  My fear is yes, but her feeling was no.  I don’t know if my story is really going to work out that way, but during our discussion, I do feel like there are several angles to the story that must be resolved in multiple Big Moments.  What I had thought was going to be the big climax may not be.  Or it may.  We’ll see when I get there, I guess.

Current wordcount: 40604 (finally broke the 30 thousands, where I’ve been stuck for ages!)

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