450 words…

Sometimes the toughest thing is getting one word out after another. Especially when you’re aware that it’s coming out lousy, stilted and not flowing, that it’s not your best work. Sometimes you know that you’re writing something that will have to be ripped out eventually. It’s not fun, and some days, when you’ve had a terrible time otherwise, it’s downright discouraging.

But I find if I stick with it, one word after another, eventually the flow comes. Eventually even if it’s not the best ever and not even necessarily the right direction, I fall into a groove.

Maybe not a lot of words, but it’s okay. I’m closer and closer to the ending. I think I know where I’m going next, which is better than I was for this entire year. You know, I think I’ve written as much as I’ve written all year on The Red Box in the month of December. That makes me happy.

I know this thing will need plenty of revising. I even know where a lot of rough spots are, and where a lot of downright awful spots are. But that’s all right.

Wrap up the story, get to the end. See the whole composition, the balance. Then start cleaning up the sketch, inking in the good lines, erasing the bad.

Sometimes, when you get the words out, even one clunking word at a time, it can make you feel a lot better.

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