471 words, rewriting an earlier scene to add in a needed character in the Big Reveal scene. Kind of a mini-reveal moment happening.

And for some reason the conversations between main character and this supporting character are always a struggle for me. Supporting character’s voice just doesn’t come naturally and I still, despite many attempts, do not have a clear idea of what that character is like. His motives, while I know what they are, are not completely transparent to me either. I’m starting to have an idea… How they are connected, why main character was sought out, etc.

I’m trying not to let the fear that this is making no sense, that it’s ridiculous, that it’s unsupportable, that it’s nonsense, get to me.

Look, self. Maybe all of that’s true. But in the end who’re you telling this for, anyway? Yourself. That’s right. You’re just trying to get the story out right now. You can work it out and polish it later. Just remember that.

Ugh, it’s so hard to actually try to believe that.

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