Asking the right questions

So, all right, I haven’t managed to post every day of December, though I’ve attempted to write every single day–some days more successful than others. Today I wrote about 1800 words and I finished the big reveal scene. One more chapter and then the story is done, and there are giant gaping holes I need to go fix. But. Done? Holy shit! True, there are scenes that just stop and don’t finish but… this is the closest I’ve ever been to an (almost) novel. (It’s at 46,355 words right now)

One thing that’s been very difficult for me is my inability to talk about the story with people. The story is definitely not in a shareable form, and I was having massive trouble articulating what problems I was having without spelling out the story. But today I had a breakthrough on that front, and was able to ask a few questions of my friend E., and get a few answers that really helped me feel much more confident in the direction I was going. It cleared up some of my fears about the themes I was possibly going to address, and it helped me finish the reveal scene.

Funny, isn’t it though, that the biggest help was the confidence boost. I wonder why it’s such a big deal–simply believing in what you’re writing. But it always is.

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