A new year

So I fell off a bit during the holidays. I did keep trying to write, but there was travelling and visiting and family-ing and yes, even a mild bit of partying (very mild) involving a deep-dish pizza, delicious wings, cocktails, wine and RuPaul’s Drag Race Season One. We missed the New Year’s Countdown because we were on the last episode and had to see who won (we finished a few minutes after midnight, humorously).

However I’ve picked up again after the holidays and it isn’t going horribly. It’s not going fantastically either, but… I’ll take my small half-victories. I rewrote a scene I’ve never been happy with, and I’m not sure I’m happy with it yet, but it is certainly a lot closer to what I want than I’d had before. (This scene has actually gone through three versions at least, already.)

Recently, in his own New Year’s post, Neil Gaiman wrote:

And also, please wish me luck with this short story I’m writing. I’m up to page 19 and nothing’s happened yet. Right now, they’re eating porridge. In my head, by this point in the story everyone was going to be terrified, and strange oogly things would be happening to all the villagers. Porridge!

And I had to laugh because that could be a quote from me, given that kind of thing happens to me all the time. In fact, the novel I’m trying to wrap the first draft on now was supposed to be a short novella (around 25,000 words) and is now twice that.

Sometimes I despair of ever getting my characters past that proverbial porridge, but I know if I just take it bit by bit, eventually, we’ll come to the end. And then I will share it with my trusted first-round readers, and then shove it in a drawer, and come back to it fresh later on.

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  1. I think a good bit of porridge is often what sets the scene… lots of build-up to the creepery makes it all the more tense and horrible when it arrives! I think it’s striking the balance, judging your pacing right. I have the opposite problem, I think – never get enough word count!

    Also, this is me – getting back into things after doing nothing all holidays (updating my Facebook, oops, turn the internet off!)

    • It’s true, it’s all about pacing! Well, slow buildup or not, it seems I’ve ended up with too little wordcount for a novel all the same though 😉 *shakes fist*


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