Dreams and the stories in between

Every once in a while, I wake up with a dream sticking in my mind.  Sometimes it’s the whole dream–some of my dreams are story-like, and many of my dreams are exciting adventures, running away from this threat or that.  Sometimes it’s just an idea from the dream, or a feeling, or a character that sticks to me.

Last night, in a long, tangled dream about other things, I dreamed I was  reading/playing a game (in that weird dream simultaneity) about a woman named Carla, and then dressed up as her for some costume party we were holding.  For some reason, Carla really stuck in my head–I remember her face clearly (narrow eyes; thin features that were threatening towards severe, but still pretty, in a girl-next-door kind of way; black hair (formerly blond in the past? or a past life?) tightly drawn back in a ponytail), and a sense of sadness to her, but also determination.  In part of the dream she narrowly dodges a series of slamming stone doors–almost Tomb-Raider like–and at one point I was sure she’d been killed, but she hadn’t.  I knew or read that she’d formerly been a somewhat powerful woman, in a past life, but one who’d done things she hadn’t been proud of.

As I stood in the shower this morning I thought about Carla and what stories she might have.  For some reason, and I don’t believe this was in the dream but it stuck in my mind all the same, there’s a man associated with her–a present life? An ally, from a past life?  A “controller”?  Maybe he dreams of her, or remembers her, or somehow is her?  That could get interesting in a gender-issues sense, or it could get very messy, I suppose.

Whatever her story is, I’d like to revisit Carla soon, and maybe tell a bit of her tale.

Have you had a dream that stuck with you long after you’ve awoken? Have you ever taken that idea and written about it?

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