[dream scene] Blue blood

I’ve been tossing around the idea of jotting down little scenes or spontaneous story snippets whenever I have an interesting dream.  Part story-starter, part way for me to recapture the feeling of the dream, and all fun. The snippets won’t necessarily be directly lifted from the dream, but will always  be inspired by it.

Had a bizarre dream after seeing The King’s Speech last night; so here is my first “dream scene.”


Blue Blood

It’s the protocol of the thing that befuddles them.

Is he a Royal, or isn’t he?  And even if he isn’t–will his blue blood, undeniable, protect him from retribution all the same?  Should he then be imprisoned instead of executed?  Or will his immunity protect him even from that?

The Empress is mysteriously silent.  Since she received word of the murders, she has been shut in her throne room and refuses to let anyone in or out, save her second consort, the Princess of Ulshrum.  The Princess delivers her orders, and carries out the lesser business in her name.

There are whispers that the Empress is dead.  That he murdered her, too.

The possibility is too grim to consider with any seriousness.


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  1. Mac

     /  January 28, 2011

    Creepyyyyy! 😉


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