Angry androids

A very intense, odd, angry dream involving scheming good and evil androids. I’d like to do a dream scene about it at some point. Soon.

For now, I’ve got revisions on my plate and no real desire to do them. A story I’d had in limbo for some time has finally moved ahead and I’ve got to revisit something I haven’t touched in two years. I’m having trouble going there mentally. And with the Red Box, well… I ripped out everything pretty much back to where I’d picked it up last November. Why am I constantly stuck at this point in the story? I was stuck there for near a year before I decided to just power through late last year. And then when I was revising in the past month or so, I tried to trust what I’d written and move forward but something just doesn’t feel right. Augh.

I feel like every time I start to get engaged I’m torn away by work or other priorities, and that I can’t see this story as a whole. And then I keep getting stuck on that same spot and it’s awful, I just can’t figure out what’s wrong. I’ve tried summarizing everything hoping it’ll give me a clearer picture, of what conflicting storylines or shifted priorities might be making me doubt… It seems to be a matter of me not trusting any decisions I make after that point in the story. If I just chose a way and then stuck to it–but even after I chose a way last time, I just wasn’t happy.

Do you have any stories that have you stumped? Have you ever been thwarted by your own indecision? How did you get past it?

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