Story beginnings

So I started considering that dream idea I had a while back. I don’t know if I’ll actually pursue this idea further, but hey! And if the idea or anything inspires you, feel free to write your own stories. Just be sure to share!

He complains, of course, when he gets the girl.

“But,” Adam says, in the gravelly voice of the massive ogre-warrior he’s pulled, “She’s hot. You get to look at her hot ass the whole time. What’s so bad about that?”

“She’s totally weak. Look at her stats,” Mark says, calling them up with a double-flick of his fingers. “And she’s short. Her reach doesn’t match mine at all.” He levels an imaginary punch at the thick grey jaw of the ogre. His character, the infuriatingly compact brunette, comes a full inch from landing the punch. He might’ve pulled a little short to begin with, but he’d never tell Adam that. “Besides. She’s not that hot. She’s got barely any–”

He hears a hollow thud to his right. Adam must be really annoyed; he’s cracked his pod to kick Mark’s. The ogre warrior goes momentarily limp as Adam disconnects, then reconnects.

“Fine,” the ogre grumbles. “We can trade.”

“No, if you take the girl you’ll just spend all your time in social!”

“Then we can re-roll! Jesus, Mark. You’re turning that hot ass into a whiny bitch!”

Mark scowls. “I’ve only got half an hour. I don’t have time to re-roll. Ugh, let’s just go. This fucking sucks.”

He stomps off in unlikely high-heeled animal-skin boots, grumbling.

But she grows on him. She’s fast, got good healing, and stamina. Adam’s ogre–Grrrumble is what Adam’s named him–has a long, dramatic and stupid injury reaction, and Mark’s girl doesn’t. (He called her “Carla,” after a hated ex-girlfriend, expecting her to die uselessly and multiple times.) He likes the way her shoulders shift as she walks, even more than the slight, exaggerated swing of her hips. The way she grunts as she hoists herself up ledges and squirrels into places that Grrrumble has no hope of getting. She earns him enough to buy a nice leather jerkin by the end of his half hour, and he gets to gloat while Adam envies.

“We can re-roll tomorrow,” Adam says, as they get ready to log off, and Mark says,

“No way.”

And he waves goodbye to his compact girl, furtively, of course.

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