Well, another chapter finished, and another 1400 words written–wowza… but… I’m getting a bit nervous. A few things have dropped into place that are taking me off the path I thought I was headed down. I originally thought I was walking down the same plot as in my original take on the ending of this novel–just at a slower pace. I could still be, but right now, I’m not sure. I may not get to reuse all those dropped scenes after all! Before, I figured I’d get to put them back in, just at a more “proper time.”

Oh, if only I could make myself use–and stick to–outlines! But I seem to just prefer to write. When I write outlines, I wander away from them and all over and I still end up writing organically. And though I keep trying to use more structured tools–like, I briefly tried Scrivener–I can’t take all that fussing.

In the end I seem to want it to be just me and the word file and all the agony that follows. And I guess if it means I write 30,000 of the wrong words… I guess sometimes that’s just what happens.

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