A giddy ending

Remember how terrible I felt the first time I “finished” The Red Box?

… Well, I don’t feel that way this time!

I feel the way I usually do when I finish a story: completely ecstatic, giddy, and terrified. Terrified that when I go back and reread, I’ll discover the ending doesn’t fit or it’s really dreadful or some other horrible thing. But at the same time, completely over the moon and happy and content (as content as I get) with what I wrote and feeling like it really came together there at the end.

There’s a few things I am concerned about, but I want to do a reread before I share it with anyone, and then I want to bounce it off someone who’s already halfway through the first draft to see what she thinks, and then I will more broadly share with at least two or three other people.

Then more revisions, I am sure, likely this will go at least two or three more rounds of revisions, but…. … … !!!

It has an ending! That I don’t hate!! And it is 59,000 words!

You guys, I wrote a really small novel!

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