The necessary pat

Recently someone very dear to me made what I’m sure was a well-meant remark on my status in life, on several fronts, and I find it has undermined me badly. Self-confidence has never been my strong suit. So. I have decided to immediately address this by summing up the things I have managed to do this year which I am quite proud of.

-I have published an ebook that has been, for the most part, quite well-reviewed, most surprisingly on a site I have always respected but never expected to ever be reviewed by. (Under my other penname, which is why I don’t name it.)

-I have completed the manuscript for “The Red Box” and it’s currently drawered just for distance’s sake; a friend has given it a first read and given some advice I fully plan to implement on revisions before the end of the year.

-I am about 1/3-1/2 way through a second novel, “The Motley Star.”

-I have been co-editing and writing for the Re-Vamp Project, started with my chum Die Booth whom I have always wanted to work with, and had the pleasure of reading so much wonderful short horror fiction thanks to the project.

-And, award-winning, lovely author Susan Price even recently promoted Re-Vamp on her blog, speaking of it in remarkably kind and wonderful words.

-I am currently reading and critiquing two novels for friends, and have done two others not so long ago.

There are still things I would like to do this year, but have yet to achieve, not the least being a sale to a sf/f/h market this year, and the revision of “The Red Box”–ideally so that I can finally suffer that wonderful quest of trying to find an agent.

But knowing myself and my tendency to believe nothing is ever enough, I know it’s best to fight it by enjoying what I have actually managed to do, rather than regretting what I have not, or have yet, to do.

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