In progress

How much is “safe” to post about your in-progress ideas? Snippets? Character descriptions?

I discovered some very hilarious old items related to my current novel-in-progress from when I was a highschool and younger girl… This idea is older than even I realized, and I seem to have attempted to write it at least three times, in various permutations. The stars have ranged from the big, gentle-giant beast-type character that is now Szan, to the small-but-spitfire authority that’s now Ames Lin, to a spunky southern girl (not yet seen in this version) who was called Rascal-of-Earth and her weird lizard partner, Ularr (also a forerunner of Szan?). There are some ship designs (better than I have now) and some concepts that turned up in other stories (the military junta “good guys” government FLEET, which re-emerged in The Red Box as the Leos).

Funny to think I was working with these themes as early as grade ten!!!

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  1. NOOO ANOTHER BLOG! *cries* (You know what I need? One of those browser based link trackers, yes. SO MANY LINKS.)

    But ez very nice looking!

    I think there are no rules? It depends on what you feel as safe!

    • Haha yes, I am just paranoid, and also I know if you share *too* much some publishers will feel you’ve already “published” online.

      Hey it all makes sense in my mind… Writer Blog, Personal Blog, Fannish Blog, Dumping Ground for Writing in Progress Sharing blog. šŸ˜‰


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