Motley Dreams

I think if I could manage a chapter a sitting, that might work. I find if I stop in the middle of a chapter–or worse, a scene, that I have the hardest time coming back to it. At least if it’s the end of a scene, things aren’t so bad.

Even though I tried to outline The Motley Star and have continued to go back to that outline, adjusting and reworking it as I go, I’m not sure I’m yet thinking as a novelist should. Should there be more subplots? More side quests? I’m a short story writer by nature, I think. I have a point I want to make. I make it. The end.

But with something like The Red Box and even more so, The Motley Star, I have to let myself meander a bit more. I have to learn how to allow there to be more than one thing going on. Is it my obsession with sticking to one character’s POV that makes this extra troublesome? I don’t know. I can’t say.

Right now I would say the bulk of The Motley Star‘s plot is an adventure story, in space. The subplot I’m trying to tell, but I’m not sure whether I’m doing it well, is Lin’s personal struggle with her demons–the diaspora of growing up human in an alien dominated space; the years she’s been out of service, basically in self-exile; the loss of faith in her command skills. There’s also the vague romantic subplot which I haven’t decided how prominent a role to give. It’s possible that subplot just won’t really ever become realized. I don’t know. It’s important only that it affects the tension between two characters who get along very well, and are otherwise quite trusting and open with each other. In a weird way, it’s even a love triangle, though to explain that would probably require spoilery details.

There’s also the conspiracy subplot, but that ties directly into the adventure subplot, so I don’t know if that really counts.

Unrelated, have any of you ever done a blog tour? What’s involved? I saw someone looking for “venues” for their blog tour, but I had no idea what that really meant, so I didn’t reply. But it would be nice to make some new connections and meet new people.

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