Miles to go

Whew, that was an amazing discussion thread yesterday. So much to think about. I’m not sure my tiny head can handle it. *grins*

I think what it’s made me see very clearly is that:
-Despite my best intentions, I have ended up doing a Star Trek style take on aliens, where they are basically humans in slightly different shapes
-I will have to decide (and soon) how much I am going to change, how much I need to change for the story’s sake, and how much I can’t really change for the story’s sake.
-I have to decide the “rules” I’m working with — how much variation, etc — asap

Ultimately it’s an adventure story in space with a dash of conspiracy theory. How much do I want to grow the story beyond that? I’m not afraid or against doing so, if I decide to, but at the same time, sometimes it is fine to be simple. So I just need to make up my mind: am I sticking with “fun jaunt in space with some sorta-aliens” or am I really challenging/examining the difficulty inherent in a possible alliance/trade/interaction between radically different beings? How far do I push this story? Is it just fun fluff, or should it be more?

I’m not afraid of confronting hard questions, and I don’t want to feel like I’m “chickening out” if I go the easy way. I think it’s okay to tell stories that are just fluff. But if it’s just fluff, then I have to be clear on that, now, in my mind, and not confuse it so it’s some sort of in between mishmash. If I want to risk a fusion, or even push it to a fully thoughtful, serious consideration of the topic, then I also have to face that I’ll have to junk/rewrite much that’s been written.

Decisions, decisions.

Even if I do keep it fluff, there’s plenty I’ll now alter, in light of the discussion yesterday, and plenty that might even bring more interest/tension to certain points that were fuzzy or weak. Either way, very eye opening and mind-opening. Thanks, everyone!!

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