The fancy suit

I haven’t been able to write much lately. My brain is stuck and I’m not sure why. There are so many possible reasons, but I can’t pinpoint the correct one, which means I can’t really address the issue yet.

In the meantime, if I had my way, this entire post would be links. I recently joined Broad Universe, which is a pretty nifty group promoting/celebrating women in speculative fiction, and through that group I’ve been introduced to all sorts of fascinating people and blogs. So I have been reading and networking a bit.

Networking’s not easy for me. By nature, I’m an introvert, a recluse, a bit of a hermit. Socializing is stressful. I admire the heck out of Die Booth because she networks in person all the time; for me, even doing it online is a huge huge effort.

Which leads me to the link I will post today: Wyld_dandelyon’s Persistence, Patience, Luck, and Finding the Right Audience. Plenty of food for thought here.

I do believe that making connections helps. One of the best, most surprising reviews I’ve ever received was thanks to a friend I’d made recommending the book to a friend of hers–who happened to be a reviewer. If I hadn’t made that friend I don’t think my book would have ever caught that reviewer’s attention.

I’ll always have that bit of me that just wants the work to be what speaks for itself. That should be what matters, right? But when you have limited time in your day and so many possible things you can read, I certainly understand why recommendations, networking and other social connections become the filters you employ to help you decide just what you want to spend your precious time on.

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  1. And Broad Universe is all the better because you’ve not only joined, but have stepped forward out of your comfort zone and hosted a podcast:
    Thanks from me for hosting the podcast, and if it makes you feel any better — many writers are uncomfortable with the “getting out there and meeting the folks” part of their writer life. I think it’s because writing is a solitary activity that feels comfortable for private people, and promotion and interaction with readers, other writers, editors, etc. seems to be just the opposite!

    • Thank you so much, Vonnie! I was so nervous about doing the podcast, but then had a lot of fun doing it. It helps that I could record in silence/isolation ;). And it is always comforting to know I’m not alone in feeling this way. I do think writing tends to be a solitary art, and I know I’ve had a hard time writing socially–that is, in a cafe, at a meet up, that sort of thing. I need silence and space.

      I don’t know how authors do signings, book tours, readings, speaking sessions–watching one friend go through those things only makes me wonder all the more how people manage. But they do, and it’s just another hurdle to overcome, I guess.

      Thanks again for your lovely comment!


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