Developing character

So I am toying with a new story idea and one of the things I always do at this stage is doodle! And I thought it might be fun to share. So here are some notebook margin doodles of some characters I am developing for an as yet untitled fantasy story. The plot outline really wants to be a novel, which makes me cringe because I’ve still got to finish The Motley Star and revise The Red Box. Or, I could go haring off a new idea. Hmmm, which shall it be!

Briefly, Taiver is the adult son of a merchant and despite being the official representative of his father’s interests in the port of Graipyj Yiz, still a bit of a wastrel, letting his sister handle the business. Ellius is a “barbarian” mage, come from across the sea to escape certain secrets of his past.

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  1. hey, amazing sketches! Hope to see it take a more complete shape! thanks for posting!

    • Thanks so much, glad you liked. I’ll probably post periodic updates on this project if all goes well.

  2. bbshrimp

     /  December 10, 2011

    Notebook sketches!! Oh lectures, always good for sketching…

    Adorable character designs. moooarrrr!

    • Yay thank you! I want to do some proper chara sketches later today. Of course I already started drawing a map! LOL. But first must finish my xmas card. So much crying.


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