So I’ve been trying to properly draw Ellius so I can get a fix on his face and I can’t seem to. I keep drawing this generic roman-statue-esque face I often draw for certain types of characters. But after thinking and thinking about it, he actually, I think, looks something like Price Lir from “The Last Unicorn” cartoon, only maybe with different hair (maybe?) and of course, you know, realistic and stuff. But that sort of tall, lanky, gawky, a little dorky and yet somehow also a little heroic and handsome looking, only a little, with a kind-ish face. I had pictured his hair swept back, badly cut off with a knife.

I suppose it doesn’t really matter so much, since he’ll be comprised of words, being a novel character, but still.

I also realized that the Taiver in my head looks quite a bit like Daniel Dae Kim with facial hair. *laughs*

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