Character totem animals

A sorrel horse (photo by Olav2, found at

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s an unconscious habit of mine to, sooner or later, start identifying my characters with animals. A spirit guide for them, of sorts, that encompasses some of the things they are. Often, when I find myself doing that for a character, it means they’re starting to solidify in my head. It’s an odd habit–I honestly don’t know why I do it, and I never set out to–but it’s kind of fun.

I was writing a passage for Ellius when it hit me that I’m identifying him with a horse. A skinny, kicky, half-mad mustang, to be precise, all wild and unkempt and with a coat full of burrs. He’s a red-head, well, that red which is closer to blond, rather than auburn, so maybe a light reddish chestnut/sorrel horse.

Bajyer has been a bit bear-ish since conception, and Anli grey-hound-ish, but I’ve yet to find Taiver really nailed down to any animal. I want to say some sort of blackbird, up in the treetops, laughing at everybody and making mischief; though not a raven or a crow, necessarily. He doesn’t have that air of death or doom, at least not yet. I suppose it’ll come to me, eventually.

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  1. bbshrimp

     /  January 1, 2012

    hee… maybe he can be a grackle! Grackles ftw!

    • OMG a grackle is perfect! ❤ grackles. Plus they are sort of iridescent and robot-y and omg love.


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