Humpday linkday

I know Wednesday is usually “hump” day, but today it’s link day! (On account of there being a lot of interesting links going around my various friend-feeds today…)


There are several good slushreader posts out there, but here’s one from recently.

Although it makes me sad to hear that cannibalism is an overdone subject, because I like writing about cannibals. … I’m not kidding. Sort of. I mean, it does seem to turn up a lot in my stories.


A sane, non-expletive filled post on why a certain comic book pose for superhero women is utterly silly.

Also, followup post is good.


In a similar vein, with added hilarity, author Jim C. Hines attempts to mimic some poses used on his and other book covers.

(As an artist, I understand exaggeration for effect, but I do find some poses just plain overused and dumb, and some are so in-your-face-sexual that they become not sexy at all.)

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  1. Well, on the first topic – I’ve been meaning to blog about the vast amount of ‘do’s and don’ts’ articles that are out there for a while. Whilst it’s valuable information to a point (and certainly valuable to actually read what a place you are submitting to likes and doesn’t!) I do find a lot of these types of posts really preachy. I don’t think there ARE any no-no subjects – a good writer can breathe new life into even the most overdone scenario, but bad writing can kill even the most original idea. Any editor who goes ‘yawn, another vampire story? Not interested’ is as lazy as a derivative writer. Also, I really like reading cannibalism stories (but not badly written ones, I’m sure!)

    The second lot of links are just brilliant, well written and thoughtful articles. I like how the first writer points out that a strong female lead will be sexy just by being herself. Putting the character in some forced, weakening pose is just undermining that.

    The last guy is my favourite though, what a legend. I find it interesting that the covers he links to as GOOD covers are actually the most attractive ones, too.

  2. I definitely think a lot of the advice in many of these slushreader advice posts is very subjective (and usually presented that way). I remember the creative writing program at my university discouraged (if not forbid; I can’t remember) writing fantasy for class because “worldbuilding was too complex and most students did it badly.” There’s an element of that in many of these posts… and I both understand why the tendency is to just say no, and am a little frustrated by it. Yeah, probably I’m just another writer who won’t do the subject justice–but what if I wasn’t and a really good story was lost because of it? (Well, the slush reader may say, so what, there are plenty of good stories without that element, so good riddance. And that would be their right.)

    (Also I adore surprising endings– not writing them, but reading them–so perhaps I am not the right audience!)

    “a strong female lead will be sexy just by being herself” — in those good cover examples in Jim C Hines’ post, he proves the point. Also, the one cover… for “Darkest Edge of Dawn” — HOT ♥! Love it.


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