Need some writing fibre…

I feel like I have writerly-constipation. I’ve got a bunch of ideas in my head. I can see the upcoming scenes. I’m excited for them. I just need to get there. I won’t skip ahead because I’ve had too many times when I’ve skipped ahead and when I go back and try to write up to them, I end up not really ever using those scenes, because the story veers elsewhere.

I hate being jammed up like this. I know why I’m stuck, why the inbetweens are difficult–because I haven’t figured out some little detail. Because I’m finding a few logistical errors in what I’ve already written and they’re blocking me up, as the urge overwhelms me to go back and fix them.

I never know what’s better. Write through it, or pause to consider? Writing through it can sometimes mean I get thousands of words down the wrong path. Pausing to consider sometimes means I get stuck forever and the story never finishes. I’ve yet to figure out what I should really do.

Do you ever find that the words won’t come, even though you’re full of ideas and inspiration? What do you do to un-jam yourself?

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