In the name of…

… So in “Empire” some of the characters are, at least by what they say, very devout. They speak a lot of their god, who is a four-aspect god collectively named Firkhenn. However, that word, in their language, just means God.

So in the name of being literal, I’ve been having them just say “God” when they speak of Firkhenn, and it’s been bugging me. And the only reason I can figure out is that generally, when we’re speaking English and we say God-with-a-capital-G, we’re speaking of the Judeo-Christian God. We say “Allah” when we mean the Muslim God, and we say the names of the gods when we speak of Greek or Hindu gods, and now I’ve run out of gods I know of since Buddha is not a god or God, really. (Maybe I need more comparative religion.)

What do you think? Have you ever run into this problem before? Have you ever had your fantasy characters speak of their god as God? What were your thoughts about it?

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  1. I usually use the god’s name or description. For instance, the elves of The Luckless Prince speak of Eostivil and Andalia by name. The humans, on the other hand, speak of the Flames. I never use God as a name or title. Sometimes I refer to “the gods”, but I avoid using God so that people won’t assume I am talking about the Judeo-Christian deity.

    • I think I might end up doing that, since the English “God” is just so strongly associated with the Judeo-Christian one. I wanted to be cute, but it just isn’t working!


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