Write-a-Thon, rethunk

So admittedly, my goal for the write-a-thon was pretty weak.  My real goal was to make it through a revision of the Red Box, but I wasn’t sure how best to pace that.  And then I sort of faffed around this week and only did the minimum effort on the revision front (1 chapter very marginally revised) although I did write a 2400 word short story and am doing revisions on that now. 


I need to do this revision and I need to be more serious and less lazy about it.  I also don’t think chapter-by-chapter is working for me.  I’ve been reading ahead and already noted at least one place where I need to go back and rework something in Chapter One to correct for something elsewhere.  I think it’s really important that I do the readthrough-with-notes I kept meaning to do, but never did.  And also find where the heck I put C.’s notes so I can refer to those two.  (I do remember her main points, and have been working those in as I go through, but still.)  So, for my sponsors (all two of you for now, I love you madly and dearly) a revised revision schedule:

Week 2, Jun 24-30: Read through and make notes on the entire novel

Week 3, July 1-7: Revision pass 1: address at least 1 major overall issue through as many chapters as necessary (modify as necessary according to issues found)

Week 4, July 8-14: Revision pass 1: will be updated according to issues found

Week 5, July 15-21: Revision pass 1: will be updated according to issues found

Week 6, July 22-27: Finish revision pass 1


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