Tea Time with Ghosts: An Interview with Liam from “The Midnight Carnival”

#2 in a series of interviews with the wicked and wonderful folks from The Midnight Carnival.  Thanks to Ashley Garst for this!

So, Liam.  You’re one of the carnival’s two resident ghosts.  What drew you to the carnival?  What made you stay here?  

Honestly, I don’t know why I’m here. Everyone asks me that question — they get up to the bloody board and just start harassing me. It’s all right, though. Forgive and forget, you know how it goes. And I stay here because…well, I can’t really go anywhere else.

I realize it may be a bit of a delicate question, so… ahem… how exactly did you die?  How long have you been a ghost?

I suppose if I put this out there once and for all, perhaps everyone will stop asking. A bar brawl was my undoing, though anyone who knew me back when I was still alive would tell you they might have expected worse. The end to many a poet, sadly, is the jealousy of others around them with little talent.

Also, the second question is just rude.

All right, all right.  Let’s change topics.  Halloween: as a ghost, do you love or hate it?  

I’d rather go without it. People don’t take you as seriously when the ghostly tricks are expected.

You seem a bit of a trickster–what’s the best Halloween trick you’ve played?

One of my first tricks was dropping a pot on one of my old rival’s heads. Made a very satisfying ‘smack’, and the best part was that he was so surprised that he ran into a wall on top of it all. Was out for a full day. I’ve never quite been able to manage that sort of thing again, sadly. The knockout, I mean, I’ve still got plenty of scares in me.

Back when you were alive, did you celebrate Samhain or All Hallow’s Eve or a comparable holiday?  Did you enjoy it then?  How exactly did you celebrate, if you did?

Oh we celebrated all the holidays the same. Booze. Booze, booze, booze. There’s nothing booze can’t fix. I miss it so much…

Anything else you’d like to tell us?  

Take a spin by Marco’s tent. Fortune and palm readings, talk to the dead (by that I mean me, obviously), and plenty more to entertain and amuse. This is where I’m supposed to, as you call it these days, ‘plug my show’, isn’t it?

The Midnight Carnival: One Night Only will be available on Oct 31st in print and ebook!

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