Fae on Fire: An Interview with Eabha from “The Midnight Carnival”

#3 in a series of interviews with the wicked and wonderful folks from The Midnight Carnival.  Thanks to Jessica Hoffman for interpreting Eabha!

Hello Eabha!  Welcome to the hot seat–not that you’ll mind, being a fire elemental and all.  So what brings a pretty faery like you to a crazy carnival like this?
Well thank you for such a warm welcome! I know, I know, that was a terrible joke. You know, flattery gets you everywhere, my dear, remember that. I actually came here for a more welcoming environment—the faery troupe and human worlds are too restricting in their own ways, and I wanted something that struck a balance. I found that here, where I can walk the thin line between the human world I love and the faery world I belong in. People don’t judge you so harshly when they think your abilities are just clever tricks, you know, and I really hated knowing that choosing to live among humans otherwise would have meant having to nearly give up my talents entirely.

Faeries aren’t typically thought of as scary, at least not any more.  But what’s your take on that–are you more Tinkerbell, or takes-your-children-in-the-night?  Would you say you’ve ever been scary?

Faeries are quite scary, really! Tinkerbell. She’s cute, I suppose, but she isn’t really representative of us. Even we Seelie have been known to play many a cruel trick now and then, and trapping humans certainly isn’t something I could see that sugary little cartoon doing. Me, personally, now I think I’m somewhere between those two ends of the spectrum. I do love to steal a fat little baby here and there, but I do return them. Usually.

You’re a lady of fire–are faeries born with a primary element, or is that something they choose?  If so, are there rituals related to the choosing? 

Ooh, what a lovely question. No one really asks me this! Well, for starters, all fae are born with gifts like flight and shapeshifting. But the elements themselves are determined more by bloodline. My family is a long line of fire elementals, so there was really no doubt as to how I’d turn out. Sometimes you have a little freak thing born, a fire born into a line of ice or vice versa, but it  doesn’t happen very often. Ooh, I think if there were rituals to select one, though, there’d be a lot of fae choosing fire. (It’s the best one, of course.)

What’s your take on Halloween?  What makes you love or hate it?

Halloween! Well, we call it Samhain. I completely love it. It’s the one time a year when the division between the fae realm and the human world is very thin; humans can pass in and out as they like. They still tend to stay longer than they want; time doesn’t operate there as it does here. But making the journey lets people seek out their lost ones. I always loved being there to receive people into the realm, show them about. I never liked helping them find their way back out, though …

In “One Night Only,” there’s mention of a troupe, and that you’re no longer part of one.  What was your old troupe?  What made you leave it? 

My old troupe was actually my family, a couple friends, and some other fae we’d collected along the ages. My father, Aodhfin, wanted us children to get out and see the world, to learn more about it and the humans who lived in it. We traversed the whole United States but after awhile, I wanted to settle down; I liked living among the humans and had finally stopped aging; I was tired of hiding who I was and wanted some more relative stability. The carnival gave me that; it was the perfect balance of human life and faery wanderlust I’d been looking for.

Anything else?

Hm. I don’t know! I’m really excited to be involved in this book, though. I hope people enjoy it!

The Midnight Carnival: One Night Only will be available on Oct 31st in print and ebook!
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  1. I dunno, I think Tinkerbell could snap if she was pushed..! 😉


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