Howling at the Wolf: An Interview with Zain from “The Midnight Carnival”

#4 in a series of interviews with the wicked and wonderful folks from The Midnight Carnival.  Thanks to Cecil Evans!

Helllooooo, Zain!  Happy almost-Halloween.  So you’re a werewolf, and a stunt driver, hm?  That’s a pretty interesting combination!  Do you think your inner animal had anything to do with your choice in careers?

Hey! Happy almost Halloween to you too. Uh, my inner animal? Ha, maybe. I don’t know any wolves in the wild who ride motorcycles, though that’d be pretty sweet. Man, maybe I’m going at this the wrong way… There’s no thumbs though, so that’d be kinda difficult. Damn… Might have to engineer a way to do that. Wait, I’ve gotten side tracked, huh? Um, I think the biggest thing is the ability to heal myself has helped in my adrenaline junkie hobbies, but neither of my cousins have any interest, so I think I’m just the weirdo.

Have you ever “wolfed out” in the middle of performing a really tough stunt?  
What am I the Hulk now? Think the only time I’ve changed from being angry was when the pack was threatened.

What would you say is the best stunt you’ve ever performed?
Riding backward! It’s my favorite.

So, werewolves and Halloween: how do the two mix? Do you find Halloween silly, or fun?  Do you ever shift shape and terrorize the masses, or just go trick-or-treating in “the best costume ever”?
I love Halloween! It’s a giant mockery, but a lot of fun. My cousins and I like terrorizing our younger siblings. And yes, we have shifted just to freak out the kids in the neighborhood. We never hurt them, promise, just scared the shit out of them by jumping at them and barking or howling.
Can werewolves eat chocolate, or do they get sick like dogs do?  What’s a werewolf’s idea of a Halloween treat?  
*laughs* I can eat chocolate. Well, this werewolf likes candy corn… What’d you expect?

Anything else you’d like to say?

Okay, people ask me all the time how many times I’ve fallen. So, here’s the answer once and for all: So many times, I’ve lost count. I was self taught as a teenager and did a lot of dumb things. The worst injury is another frequent question from you morbid types. It was three broken ribs, one was cracked, and my fibula broke through the skin. It was awful and bloody. The bruises were cool though.


The Midnight Carnival: One Night Only will be available on Oct 31st in print and ebook!
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  1. I like how ‘human’ the Midnight Carnival ‘monsters’ are… I’d quite like to hang out with them!


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