Halloween Hypnotist: An Interview with Seth from “The Midnight Carnival”

#5 in a series of interviews with the wicked and wonderful folks from The Midnight Carnival.  Thanks to Liz Neering!

Hello, Seth!


Hey, it’s interview with a vampire– ha ha.  Sorry, sorry.

No, no, I like that.  And I’m way hotter and more interesting than that guy.  I deserve an interview way more than he did.

So, you’re not only a vampire, you’re also a hypnotist.  Which came first?  How did you fall into both these, er, roles?

You know, that’s kind of hard to answer.  I want to say vampirism came first, but that’s just a guess.  I was always pretty convincing.  A charismatic kind of guy, they said.  So I never had a problem convincing people to do what I wanted or to see things my way.  How much of that was natural talent and how much might have actually been hypnosis, I couldn’t tell you.  I do know it got a lot stronger after I turned.  Where before I’d have to work a little at it, maybe even more than a little with some people, after that it was just… easy.  Just a little push and they fell right over.

You seem quite content to be a vampire.  Do you miss anything of your human life?

God, no.  Are you kidding?  Nothing about it to miss.  Paying taxes, going to work, going to jail for the smallest little stupid thing… I got the best deal anyone’s ever been offered.  Humans suck.

Even as a human, you were very interested in chaos theory.  Can you tell us a little about that?

Sure.  I always liked knocking down dominoes and looking at those patterns, and throwing things or shooting and seeing what happened with the ricochet.  Things like that always look chaotic, but they really aren’t.  There’s an order to all that.  That seemed so boring to me.  Predictability, especially when it looked like something more exciting.  That sucks, you know?  So I started looking into it.  Trying to find real chaos.  You know there were people talking about it in the 1800s?  That early.  And it just grew from there.

How did becoming a vampire influence your interest in this field?

Well as a vampire you’ve got so much more time, you know?  So what looks to a human lifespan like chaos can look like order, with a wider perspective, like we can have.  Too, we can influence so many people in so many different ways.  With this kind of power and longevity you can basically do anything, and be around long enough to see and test results, and do new experiments.  You can take your time with things, let them grow, instead of having to artificially push things along.  I could never have done this as a human.  I’d have been dead several times over before I got to see the end results of what I’d set in motion.

So what’s your real opinion on Halloween?  Love it, hate it?

Oh I love Halloween.  It’s fucking great.  The costumes, the pageantry, the movies, the drunks, it’s fantastic.

What was your best Halloween as a vampire? Best as a human?

I think my first Halloween after I’d turned.  Everything was still so new.  It was awesome, getting to strut around with my fangs out.  I went to this party and got so many compliments.  I had a couple of people tell me I wasn’t pale enough.  But they got drunk and we all had such a good time.  I only killed four of them!  I was so proud.  Also then I took their costumes and gave them to these kids at a local Ronald McDonald House.  My human Halloweens were boring.  Giving out candy to kids in stupid costumes, going to office parties… ugh.

Since it’s Halloween, tell us something scary!  What’s the most terrifying situation you’ve been in?  How did you get out?

I’ve never met a situation I couldn’t get out of.  There was one rough fight with my fledgeling, but that was nothing that shook me too long.  I guess the worst was when a werewolf tracked me for a while, through Washington state.  I was still young.  I didn’t know what it was, really.  I’d heard about them but I hadn’t seen any.  And the whole… supernatural thing, I guess, was still really new and weird.  My maker didn’t really tell me anything about anything other than vampires.  So when he cornered me in this park, he just about took my fucking leg off before I figured it out.  Then he wouldn’t listen to me, so I couldn’t take him over.  Luckily there were some campers out, so I got them to come bail me out.  A couple of axe handles later and the big bad wolf was no more.

Anything else?

Yes!  Everyone stop by the hypnotist’s tent when you come to the carnival.  Best show in the house!

The Midnight Carnival: One Night Only will be available on Oct 31st in print and ebook!
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  1. I’ve been loving these character interviews especially – such a great idea, and so good to meet the different characters! I really like Seth’s answer to if he misses anything about being a human…


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