More header art

So I’m trying to sort out what exactly happens next in this scene for Empire since I think there are some logical fallacies in what I was planning to do, but that means I’m not writing. Instead I drew a little; some more header art! This time, the casts of The Red Box and The Motley Star. These were actually drawn together, in a sketchbook, unlike the other which was patched together from a notebook and I had to strip out and photoshop the lines back in.

Still, I want to write tonight, so I should really think about that scene.


Writing in my sketchbooks, drawing in my notebooks

The Empire of Hunger characters: Idrich, Anli, Bajyer, Taiver, and Ellius

So I’ve been a bit stumped on the writing front lately, after getting to around 15000 words in The Empire of Hunger. Rewrote a scene about four times only to roll back to the first version for now… It’s tough to push on knowing there are little problems here and there. Revising something this long is really something I’m going to have to get used to.

But in the meantime, I had an idea for a header for the site. so I went ahead and made it! I love doodling in my notebooks–and then when I was sick, I was writing in my sketchbooks–and thought it’d be fun to do something doodle-like for my header. It might be nice to handwrite my title too… Hmmmm.

For some reason I prefer doing cartoony style drawings for these characters. Like with little dot-eyes. I guess because they look pretty specific in my head, and it’s hard for me to draw them correctly. Then again, in the text they are drawn with verbal “broad strokes” too, so maybe it all works out. I just don’t like to spell appearances out too much, since I know you’ll imagine something different anyway.


Last night I finished the first outline for The Scarlet Empire, which is yay! I’m still not used to outlining stuff, but the story was getting so complex in my head that I just thought I really needed to. Now, to actually start writing!

In the meantime I keep doodling. I decided that I’m going to make Idriq a girl, which means, ignore the Story Sketch from yesterday. In my mind she dresses and carries herself somewhat boyishly, in part to combat the lack of respect she gets, in part just because she prefers to. For the most part her role and behavior won’t change in the story.

Anyway! Doodles.