Another year, another goal.

That probably sounds rather “ho-hum, another day another dollar” but I mean it positively.  Last year was a pool of quicksand. I’m not sure where time or energy went.  My goal for this year is to not let that happen again.  I have given myself a task of writing 6 short stories over the course of the year.  They may be as short as flash fiction or as long as the story needs, but they must have a beginning, middle, and end.  Three of them must be completely revised; two must be submitted to markets. 

Truthfully these feel like cowardly, small goals, but seeing as last year I did almost nothing, I think baby steps are better to get me into the game. 

Ideally, I would also like to revise The Ambassador and submit it, and revise The Red Box, but I’ll consider those bonus goals.

My other goal: get in at least 7 hours of writing a week.  Ideally, writing one hour a night at least.  But if it turns out 6 hours on the weekend and one at night, that’s fine by me.  Right now I write spottily, nothing for a time and then little spurts of collaborative/RP writing, and the only short stories I wrote were for The Midnight Carnival anthology, two of which were collaborations. 

This week, so far, I’ve started a new short story (today, actually) and written 700 words so far in about 3 hours.  Which is terrible compared to my old pace but fuckitall, we aren’t going to compare, we’re gonna go ahead.



Well last weekend was a complete failure of creativity, but this weekend has turned out more productive. I sat down again and hammered out another short story, startling me–I really only meant to start it. This one I’m still unsure of, may need some heavy reworking and expanding, but it is another idea that’s been kicking around my head for a while.

Also finished a short story I was writing as a gift, so I’m feeling a little better on the writing front. I’d like to start tackling that bingo card prompt list, and maybe do some fifteen minute stories.

Sometime last year before things went kablooey for a while I joined a spec fic meetup. Went to one strange meeting and never went back. But they have twice-monthly crit sessions and I wonder if I should try to do one. Trouble is, you’re required to crit in person and I’ve never been good at that. (Giving the crit; taking it in person I’m fine with) But I am trying to speak up more in groups anyway. I don’t know. Maybe when I’m feeling more confident in my writing again.


Well, another chapter finished, and another 1400 words written–wowza… but… I’m getting a bit nervous. A few things have dropped into place that are taking me off the path I thought I was headed down. I originally thought I was walking down the same plot as in my original take on the ending of this novel–just at a slower pace. I could still be, but right now, I’m not sure. I may not get to reuse all those dropped scenes after all! Before, I figured I’d get to put them back in, just at a more “proper time.”

Oh, if only I could make myself use–and stick to–outlines! But I seem to just prefer to write. When I write outlines, I wander away from them and all over and I still end up writing organically. And though I keep trying to use more structured tools–like, I briefly tried Scrivener–I can’t take all that fussing.

In the end I seem to want it to be just me and the word file and all the agony that follows. And I guess if it means I write 30,000 of the wrong words… I guess sometimes that’s just what happens.