Write-a-Thon, rethunk

So admittedly, my goal for the write-a-thon was pretty weak.  My real goal was to make it through a revision of the Red Box, but I wasn’t sure how best to pace that.  And then I sort of faffed around this week and only did the minimum effort on the revision front (1 chapter very marginally revised) although I did write a 2400 word short story and am doing revisions on that now. 


I need to do this revision and I need to be more serious and less lazy about it.  I also don’t think chapter-by-chapter is working for me.  I’ve been reading ahead and already noted at least one place where I need to go back and rework something in Chapter One to correct for something elsewhere.  I think it’s really important that I do the readthrough-with-notes I kept meaning to do, but never did.  And also find where the heck I put C.’s notes so I can refer to those two.  (I do remember her main points, and have been working those in as I go through, but still.)  So, for my sponsors (all two of you for now, I love you madly and dearly) a revised revision schedule:

Week 2, Jun 24-30: Read through and make notes on the entire novel

Week 3, July 1-7: Revision pass 1: address at least 1 major overall issue through as many chapters as necessary (modify as necessary according to issues found)

Week 4, July 8-14: Revision pass 1: will be updated according to issues found

Week 5, July 15-21: Revision pass 1: will be updated according to issues found

Week 6, July 22-27: Finish revision pass 1



Drive by updates

A bit of a drive-by this time, but just wanted to throw out a few things:

  • I’ve signed up for the Clarion West Write-a-Thon again this year.  It’s a great way to motivate and support a great workshop.  Sign ups end tomorrow though (June 16) so if you’re interested, don’t delay.  Or you can sponsor me here!
  • I hosted the latest episode of the Broad Universe fiction readings podcast, the BroadPod.  This month we celebrate Pride Month with five lovely readings by five fabulous female spec fic authors.  Have a listen or subscribe to the BroadPod for a monthly podcast of speculative fiction by women authors.
  • I’ve also signed up for a 6 week ongoing tutorial with Cat Rambo.   Earlier this year I took her F&SF short stories workshop and highly recommend it.  Plus it was really neat to try out Google Hangouts, which is how the weekly classes were held.