The witty subject line, she eludes me

Last night I mostly sorted thoughts out. I’ve got a document where I’m jotting an events summary as I work and it’s helpful for me to sort out what’s going on when. It’s like an outline, but written mostly as I write, just a thought or two ahead usually.

Today I wrote a bridge improving the flow of events between Chapter Twelve and Chapter Thirteen. I feel a lot better about Chapter Thirteen now, even if that bridge is rather ugly, shaky and built with the verbal equivalent of duct tape. It was only around 500 words though. Tomorrow I hope to do a bit better. I miss the times when weekends meant thousands of words.

I realize though I’ve been posting wordcounts for the day, I have not been posting wordcounts for the entire story. So to check in: today, 38,808 words.

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  1. There’s always a lot of literary duct tape in use round here as well! Glad to find your blog and glad to read you’re making such good progress! (Is this ‘RB’ you’re writing?)

  2. Aw, thank you so much for the support! I didn’t really expect anyone would be interested in reading this blog. I’ve been very motivated by keeping it, though, which is the point.

    Yes, I’m writing The Red Box! I sincerely hope to finish it for the new year but we’ll see. I hope your projects are going well!

  3. It’s a really good way of logging progress, yeah – that’s pretty much what I’m doing with my Facebook page. Good to be able to see stuff listed down.

    I am so excited for Red Box! And New Year! I keep saying I’ll finish DPM for New Year too but I doubt that will happen. Things are going well though – I have emailed you 😉


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